Mobile Cool Room

Mobi-Fridge Hire has a fleet of Cool Room and Freezer Room that can be delivered anywhere. Our Mobile Cool Room comes with a variety of size to choose from that meet your specific requirements. Every Mobile Cool Room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every function and delivered in pristine condition.

Mobi-Fridge Hire are designed by people who have years of experience in the food industry, so the shelves are placed in the right position and there is plenty of head room with easy access. The Mobi-Fridge Hire can be plugged into any single phase 240v power outlet

Look around. You will find us at the races, on the top of a city building, at your friend’s party, any large musical festival and even on an island in the middle of the harbour. It is amazing where people want to throw a party or function

Our guarantees

  • Mobi-Fridge Hire will be prepared to the highest standard of cleanliness – inside and out
  • Mobi-Fridge Hire will be delivered to your site, levelled, fully installed and ready to go
  • There will be no hidden costs. Cleaning, installation, delivery and pick up are all included in the quoted price
  • All tagged and tested power lead will be supplied. You do not have to worry about a thing
  • We will recommend the right sized Mobi-Fridge Hire for your requirements. You will pay no more than you need to.
  • We will respond to any genuine service call – 24/7
  • We will not compromise our standards of hygiene and quality. We have a hard-earned reputation to protect

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