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Founded in 1978 by brothers Terry and Ian Neville who both started in the food industry , the first Mobi Fridge was built as a solution to assist them to cater for the Bathurst motor racing teams on site at Mt Panorama where there were no facilities and everything had to be transported in to allow the establishment of the first Hospitality tent on the Mountain.

While looking for a solution to resolve the lack of any portable refrigeration available to the catering industry the idea of a mobile Cool Refrigeration was germinated and pursued by us resulting in the design and building of a portable Cool Room. This proved to be successful as we were inundated with requests to “borrow” our units. Our fleet increased gradually to meet the demand. Mobi-Fridge Hire started from there.

As time go by, we have constantly extended our range of equipment to Commercial Display refrigeration units such as Glass Display Fridges, Freezers and Purpose-Built Vaccine Fridge.

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What we do

Mobi-Fridge Hire specializes in the short and long-term rental of refrigeration equipment. We have a large range of refrigeration equipment from Mobile Cool Room, Glass Display Cabinets to Medical Refrigerator

Over the last 40 years, Mobi-Fridge Hire has supplied the events, catering, hospitality, and many other industries across New South Wales. We are known for our promptness, reliability and customer centric approach when providing solutions for our customers

Our range of refrigeration equipment for hire incudes:

  • Mobile Cool Room and Freezers Room
  • Glass Display Cases, such as upright commercial fridges and freezers; Open Display Cases; Deli Cases and many more
  • Purpose-Built Vaccine Fridges

For more information about our range of products, please click here.about us

Benefits of Rentals

  • Renting does not require a large cash outlay
  • Flexibility in rental terms and payment options
  • Standard monthly repayments make budgeting easy
  • Mobi will prepare your rental equipment for you
  • Mobi will perform routine preventative maintenance on your rental equipment
  • Cost of Rental is full tax deductible*

*This content does not constitute tax and/or legal advice and should not be relied upon as such

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